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A succesful story: studying in Canada!


When we met Reyna, she was a high school student with a big dream: to study in Canada.

She was nervous and unsure what the first step would be, so she asked us for our help, and we were more than happy to offer it to her! We were with her every step of the way and made sure she felt all the support she needed throughout the whole process. In the end, she got accepted to 6 universities!

She chose two programs, Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University and the Mathematics program at the University of Waterloo. As many of you might already know, the latter is one of the best universities in Canada! We were so happy when we heard the news.

But that’s not all! While going through this process, she also participated in a mathematics contest held by the University of Waterloo. At first, she wasn’t sure about participating, but she trusted us and decided to register for it, and guess what! She got an outstanding grade and ranked in the top 10%!

What a huge achievement!


If, like Reyna, your dream is to study in Canada, take the first step and contact us! We’ll be more than happy to help you make your dream come true.

Mathematics Contest by CEMC (University of Waterloo) - Peoples Christian Academy

Senior and Intermediate Mathematics contest at the University of Waterloo

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