Academic Success with Canaway

This past November of 2020, a few Canaway Private School (CPS) students participated in the very challenging 2020 Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics contest, organized by the Centre of Education in Mathematics and Computing at the University of Waterloo, one of Canada’s top-ranked universities. 

We are pleased to announce that Reyna Dai, one of our brilliant CPS students was ranked in the top 10% in that contest were thousands of students participate.

Congratulations Reyna!  

Here at CPS we are extremely proud of her accomplishments!

Colleen Moore, CPS’s Math teacher put it simply as this:

Reyna crushed it!… it was a fantastic mark!

Aside from being an outstanding student (actually, all of our current students are outstanding!), Reyna credits her good score in previous skills learned, and new ones obtained in her classes with CPS.

Below is a picture of the diploma and medal Reyna got for her excellent results!  We will be sure to keep them safe and give them personally to Reyna when she comes to Canada to start university this 2021!

Once again, we are so proud of you, Reyna!

Reina Dai - Diploma - Math Contest - U. Waterloo
Medal - Waterloo Math contest

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