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Currently, the price of our English classes is 65 USD/month, equivalent to a 48% discount of our regular price (125 USD/month). This offer is for a limited time only, and starting January 1, 2022, the price will go up. So hurry and buy our courses now at the lowest price you’ll ever see them!

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Say hello to our new B9 level!

We’ve noticed how difficult the transition between the basic and intermediate levels is for our students. In order to solve this problem, we’ve created the new B9 level. In this course, students will be briefly introduced to some intermediate level concepts. By doing this, we’re ensuring that by the time students enter the intermediate levels they will have been exposed to such concepts, and will therefore have an easier time when seeing them more in-depth.

Our B9 level will be launched in December. For students that are currently enrolled in B7 and B8 levels, B9 will be optional, although we highly recommend it. However, students registered in lower levels will have to complete it in order to move on to the intermediate levels. 

One of Canaway’s most important values is that our students are first, which is why everything we do is with our students’ best interest in mind. We are positive that with this change in our curriculum, our students will be able to make the most of their classes.


Black Friday is here, and we have some amazing discounts for you.

How would you feel about paying 99 USD for 2 months of classes instead of $130? Sounds good, right? We’re offering this incredible deal as a Black Friday promotion for new students. If you’ve been thinking about registering for our classes, there’ll be no better time than now!

But don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about our loyal recurrent students. For you, we’re offering a $5 discount for a month of classes.

To take advantage of these offers, talk to your country’s sales rep and she will give you her own unique coupon. Just remember to use it by Nov 26th or else the coupon will expire! 

— Classes start date: November 29th

Monthly raffle winner

Don’t miss your last chance to participate in our monthly raffles! Starting 2021, we won’t be running them anymore, so if you’d like to win a free month of classes, participate NOW! 

Remember that in order to participate you must register early; that is by November 26th. By doing this, you’ll automatically be added to the pool of participants. You’re not required to do anything else at all!

The winner will be announced on December 15th. Stay tuned! 

Did you know...?

 Our team recently stumbled upon this very interesting fact and thought it’d be good to share it with you all!

Did you know that on average a hacker can brute-force:

  • A 6 character password in 37 minutes.
  • A 7 character password in 22 hours.
  • An 8 character password in 32 days.
  • A 9 character password in 3.2 years.
  • A 10 character password in 116 years.

So now you know! To keep all your passwords secure, be it email, bank, or even Canaway, use a 10+ character one!

New contact hours - chat

At Canaway, we want our students to have all the support they need, whenever they need it. That’s why we’ve expanded our chat hours, and now you can contact us in Spanish and English between 09:00  – 18:00, or in English only between 18:00 – 22:00 (Toronto time).

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