Cananews – September 2021

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“Cananews”, the Canaway Newsletter, was started in 2020 by a bunch of Canaway students. Most are now in Canada pursuing their dreams of finishing their studies at Canadian universities or colleges.

This is going to be our first newsletter in this new format!

Our ‘old’ newsletters are here:

Monthly raffle winner

Raffle winner - Sept 2021

Congratulations to our first winner of the monthly Canaway raffle!

Cinthia Shirley Alarcon Colmenares

Cinthia registered early to her Canaway course, so she was automatically added to the pool of participants for the raffle. Cinthia will be taking her free Canaway course this October.

To participate in the next monthly raffle, ensure you register to your course by October 1st!. The winner will be announced on October 15th, and he or she can study for free in November!


English for Business is back!

After a brief pause of our English for Business (EFB) program, we are happy to announce that a new revamped program will start this October.

Developed by two of our popular teachers, Joanna Heleniak, and Veronica Trunzo, these new courses and format will be full of interactivity, fun and learning for all of you who want to be better prepared with English skills for the business world.

Don’t miss it! Classes start on October 4th!


English for Business

Price changes effective January 1st, 2022

Canaway Academy started its English Classes offering with the goal of delivering high quality education at an affordable price. Moreover, to support our students during the pandemic, we slashed our prices from $125 USD/month to $65 USD/month (a 48% discount!) and we promised to keep that price frozen for 1 year from the time you first took classes with us. Many of you have benefited from this reduced priced for more than one year.

On January 1st, 2022 we will raise our prices to $79 USD/month, but our current students will NOT be affected! You can continue enjoying our English classes at the reduced price of $65 USD for the entire year of 2022!

Moreover, any new student joining before the end of this year can pay the $65 USD/month price and have it frozen for the entire year of 2022 too!

Let your friends and family know! This will be the last chance to take our courses at the reduced price of $65 USD and have this price frozen for a year!



Frozen until Dec 31st, 2022 for previous, current, and new students who sign up by Dec 31st, 2021

download, down, arrow-97606.jpg
79 USD month

New pandemic price effective January 1st, 2022

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