Comparing the Latin American vs. the Canadian education system

The Latin American and the Canadian education systems have many differences and students in Canaway Academy have had the opportunity to experience both and identify the differences between them. I will address the differences of the two educational systems from the point of view of a current Canaway Private School student and why my classmates and I chose to study in this institution.

First of all, the Canadian education system is more strict than the Latin American system. Without a doubt, Canadian teachers are by far more strict. For instance, the deadlines to submit assignments or projects are not flexible, due dates can’t be changed. On the other hand, the deadlines in Latin American schools are not as strict, students just have to talk to their teacher to have a little more time, and some teachers accept the assignments even a week after the deadline. Even though strict deadlines make some students struggle, they teach them to be more responsible, not only with their homework and projects at school but on a long term basis with submissions at work.

Secondly, there is a huge variation in the courses students take, not to mention the amount of them. The difference between the courses taught in Canadian and Latin American schools is that in Canadian institutions courses are taught with a vision for the future. Students take courses that will benefit them, not only when they go to college, but also in their professional lives. For example, they would take courses like International Business, Economics, Data Management and English for university preparation. Besides, in Canadian schools such as Canaway Private School, students can choose the course that they consider will be more beneficial for their future studies. 

Having the opportunity of choosing their courses gives students more freedom to select what is best for their future, and makes them more responsible for their decisions. Unlike the Latin American schools where the courses are already established and all students must take them; they are not able to choose which class they want to join. Additionally, the courses taught are more focused on general knowledge, such as History, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and so on. This education system prepares students with general and basic knowledge needed for their future studies in college or university as well as their future career. Also, it opens up students’ minds to a large amount of information, making them capable of taking the right decision when chosing a career.

As we can see, both educational systems are completely different from each other and effective in their own way. However, Canadian education system´ effectiveness, efficiency and freedom, are the reasons that drove the current CPS students to choose a Canadian school.

This article was first published in the December 2020 Edition of the Canaway Newsletter.

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