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Drawing their own path

Recently graduated from high school with big dreams and expectations for the future, the first class of students enrolled in Canaway Private School (CPS) were provided with the opportunity to achieve their dreams to study overseas. Current enrolled students in the program come from South America, mostly from Peru and Bolivia.

Usually, students who finish high school are expected to apply to local universities, and only after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree they may study abroad for their Masters. As you can see, the current CPS students are not following the crowd but drawing their own path by pursuing a future in Canada.

When asked Reyna Dai, what drove her to seek post-high school education in Canada she answered,

I’ve always heard how good the Canadian educational system is. Besides, I have always felt interested in diverse and peaceful environments, as well as having access to cutting-edge technology. So I can see a promising future living there”.

Just as Reyna said, the other students feel the same way and think that being in Canaway will open new doors to better opportunities.

Regarding the learning environment, Rodrigo Zevallos enjoyed the distinct curriculum and teaching techniques.

“Canaway encourages us to be autonomous, with “flipped classroom” as 50% of the classes are conducted with independent learning. In this way, we can investigate on our own and the next day in class we can ask our teacher our concerns”.

Rodrigo points out that he feels more prepared for his transition from high school to university. So far all the students have developed new skills and habits as expected, but at first, it was a rough patch. Rodrigo and Reyna agreed that at the beginning of the first semester they had to adjust to the new platform and curriculum, as the classes were online and different from the style they used to learn with previously. Besides that, they had to adapt to the shift from having classes in Spanish to English; but they managed to overcome those issues after some time. It is important to highlight that all students feel that they have improved their English knowledge, grammar, and writing skills, and enlarged their vocabulary in subjects such as Math and Business.

In addition to academic development, as noted by Viviana Maraví, future make-up artist, she felt the Economics class was a mind-opener.

“Economics class has made me see the world with different perspectives, and has challenged me to analyze information more critically”.

Although this sudden change might seem scary and unknown, Rodrigo advises the prospective alumni to not give up easily. Also, he stresses that fear is a valid feeling when overcoming this challenge presented. However, even with a low level of English, students can succeed with hard work, dedication, and unconditional help from the staff.
Students like Reyna, Viviana, and Rodrigo have shown exceptional performance in all of their courses and are satisfied with the courses they have taken. Nonetheless, it can’t be denied that they are working hard for a bright future.
Canaway Private School has been challenging for its students, but it has also taught them a lot and helped them develop new skills. The students are working hard to meet their goals and are excited about all the opportunities waiting for them. They know that if they work hard they can dream big.
This article was first published in the November 2020 edition of Canaway’s newsletter.

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