Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

Our chat tool with live support (see at the bottom right corner of your screen in is available from Monday through Friday during these hours (in GMT-5, America/Lima):

  • 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (In Spanish)
  • 6:00pm – 10:00pm (In English)

You can also reach us by email at:

  • is the community site of Canaway Academy.  It is the place where former, current and future students gather to obtain information about Canaway’s courses, news by students and teachers and more!.  It is also the place where you can purchase, enroll, and access your courses!

Watch this short video that introduced the web site for more information. is Canaway Academy’s corporate web site. This site has detailed information about all of our offerings. Consider as the parent site of  Both sites are interrelated, and point to each other.

Questions about Registration and Enrollment

Please watch this video that explains how to register!

Please note that only NEW students to Canaway should register. If you are a recurrent Canaway student, an account has already been created for you! (Your email is your username, and a password reset email should’ve been sent to you. If you didn’t get the Reset Password email, please let us know at

No.  Please do NOT register in

On the contrary, an account has already been created for you that is linked to your account in Moodle (our Learning management system), therefore you should not create another account, otherwise all your course information will not be in one place.

We sent a few announcements to our recurring students to introduce them to As a recurring student, we have automatically created a account that is linked to the Moodle learning management system account.  In order for both accounts to be synchronized, we requested our recurring students to reset the password in, and sent an email with the title “[My Canaway Academy] Password Reset” sent by “Canaway Academy” – via our mail provider Please look for that email so you can reset your password and be able to log on to Note that the email may have also be sent in Spanish or your native language, so the email title may change.

Please check your Spam folder, or if using Gmail, please check the “Updates” or “Promotions” tabs as well.

If you cannot find the email, contact us at, and we will send it to you again!

In the menu at, look for “Login”.   If you cannot find this menu item, but instead you see “My account”, this means you are already logged in!.

This video explains the process of choosing a course, reviewing the schedule, and making the payment to enroll and access the course. Payment in local currency is only possible in some countries.

In Step 3 of this link you will see how you can choose your section. It’s easy!

If you have never taken any courses with Canaway:

  1. Take the assessment exam to learn about your level. If you have absolutely no knowledge of English, then there’s no need to take that exam, just start with course ESLB0.
  2. Register to this website by clicking on the Register menu item. After registering, you should be automatically logged in.
  3. Go to the menu: English Classes > Purchase Courses and select the category appropriate for use: ESL (English core), SPK (Speaking), etc. Most people take courses under the ESL category.
  4. Choose the course you want to take.
  5. Review the different schedules available for the course, and take note of the section name.
  6. Make the payment
  7. The system will now show you the courses you’ve ordered in your dashboard.
  8. Click to start the course and you’ll be taken to the Learning Management System.
  9. You will see a message with a yellow background.  Read it carefully, and select the section for your course so you are given access to the Video Conference link for your section based on the schedule you want. That’s it! You should be good to go!
This video also explains the whole process starting from step 3 above.

Questions about Payment

After paying in (or related systems) for one or more courses, you will first received an invoice by email with the details of your order and the invoice attached in PDF format.  This email will be coming from “Canaway Academy” – (via our mailing provider The email title will be “Your My Canaway Academy order is now complete”.

A few moments later, you should receive a second email with your receipt.  The receipt will be sent from different sources:

  • If you paid by Credit card / Debit card via Stripe on the website:
    “Canaway Academy” – with the title “Your Canaway Academy receipt [receipt number]”.
  • If you paid using Paypal, and email will come directly from Paypal.
  • If you paid using Ebanx, and email will come directly from Ebanx.
Even though we are a Canadian Educational Institution, most of our students, if not all, study from other countries around the world; therefore, we list our prices only in US dollars (USD) given that US dollars are generally more accepted worldwide.

We accept Paypal, Credit cards, Debit cards and have partnered with Ebanx to allow students to pay in their local currency and at local banks wherever Ebanx operates.  Currently, this is the list of countries where we allow payments in local currency.

I) Payments in US dollars

Ideally you should make payments in US dollars; this is our preferred method of payment. However, as listed below, we have other options available for your convenience.

II) Payments in Local Currency

If you live in a country where local currency payment support is available, you can pay in local currency. To avoid currency fluctuations, we have set a fixed price in local currency that is slightly less or more than the price in US dollars, depending on how the exchange rate changes. Moreover, in some countries, taxes such as “IVA” has been included in the final price.

III) Payments in Canadian Dollars

If you would like to make your payment in Canadian dollars, we can accept the payment based on the equivalent US dollar amount based on the exchange rate the day of payment.  An e-transfer can be used to make the payment. Contact us for details.

IV) Payments in Euros

If you would like to pay is Euros, a fixed price has been set matching approximately the USD price.  You can make a payment in Euros using Paypal or your credit card.

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