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My journey to studying in Canada - Part 5

The results of my English assessment exam showed that I was at a high-intermediate English level, so the Canaway team felt I could start taking English literature courses, similar to the ones I’d be taking later on for credit as part of Canaway Private School. 

Late in March, we had an orientation session where we learned about how to use Canaway’s systems, and where we met some of our teachers. Then, in early April, I started my very first English literature course with Canaway. We were assigned two teachers:  The main one was a Canadian Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT), her name was Camille Dube, and she was very nice and funny.  We’d meet with her using the Zoom video conferencing system twice a week. The second one was a local tutor who would be onsite with us if we needed support, but we never really needed her support, so eventually her presence was not required.

Have you ever read Dracula? If your answer is no, well, me neither, until I started taking this Literature course with Canaway. It is a very complex book that contains English phrases and words that are not commonly used nowadays. Even though it is a bit difficult to read, the book is very interesting and it is helping me to expand my vocabulary. 

This course will help me improve my reading, writing, and comprehension skills because I will read multiple writing pieces and analyze different types of texts, including poems and plays.

I love my classes with my teacher Camille because she makes them really engaging and interesting. She encourages us to participate frequently and prepares group activities for us to express our ideas and analysis of the texts. 

Canaway’s small class sizes are great for me because I can participate more in class and in turn, improve my speaking skills. Also, the classes feel more personalized as the teacher has the flexibility to adapt the lessons according to our unique needs. 


This blog post was actually written in April 2021, but I am putting the date of the day it happened so it is more realistic.

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