Making a decision and next steps!

My journey to studying in Canada - Part 3

After learning about the opportunities to study in Canada during Canaway’s presentation, my dad and I scheduled a private meeting with Canaway’s director where we discussed the option of me studying at Canaway Private School. We wanted more information about the school, the courses, the methodology, the program, everything! 

In the meeting, Canaway’s director explained to me and my father, in a straightforward manner everything we needed to know about Canaway Private School (CPS), the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), and my chances of being accepted at a university in Canada, and about scholarship opportunities.  Many of the questions we asked, if not all, are published in the FAQ section on Canaway’s website, so there is no point in list them here.

I left the meeting excited, and pretty much made my decision right there about pursuing this opportunity! It’s just amazing to be able to obtain the Canadian High School diploma while studying virtually from my country, Peru, and having the possibility to more easily be accepted to universities in Canada, in addition to getting used to the Canadian educational system.

The fact that all courses are online, flexible and taught in English by Canadian certified teachers in small classes will definitely help me engage and participate in the class frequently.

The next steps were laid out for me during the meeting by the director:

  1. Given that I was still studying Grade 11 at my school in Peru, it made sense to finish my studies first (from March 2019 until Dec 2019)
  2. I would be invited to take an English assessment exam
  3. While continuing my Grade 11 studies at my Peruvian school, after school hours I’d take English courses with Canaway to raise my level so that I’d have no issues when starting Grade 12 in Feb 2020.

There is still a long road ahead, but I’m excited! 


This blog post was actually written in March 2021, but I am putting the date of the day it happened so it is more realistic.

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