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Getting started with Canaway Private School

My journey to studying in Canada - Part 6

In order to understand our math, and sciences skill level, Canaway requested our course syllabus, and also arranged for a diagnostic / assessment evaluation for us to take. Given that I’m certain I will be studying Business, I did not take the sciences (Chemistry and Physics) evaluations, but I did take the Math one. I think I did “OK”. With respect to the English literature course, things are going well, and we are pretty much done!

We also had individual private meetings with Canaway’s senior Career Counsellor (Snez).  Snez had very insightful information about career paths, which colleges or universities had programs that were appropriate to my interests and budget, and cultural information too!

Preparation course

Canaway Private School is going to be a challenge for me, but I am not scared because they are giving me a lot of support. One of the courses I will take is Advanced Functions (a math course that several top universities require). This is a course most students find quite difficult; however, Canaway is having me and my classmates take a short prep course to review the math foundations needed to understand the class content. 

My math teacher is Colleen Moore, and she is great at explaining everything and solving all of our doubts. She always encourages us to ask her questions and participate in class. I feel very comfortable and happy to be in a friendly and understanding environment. 

This course is going to be just 3 weeks long, but it is going to help me a lot. I love math, so I am excited about taking these classes and learning more. 


This blog post was actually written in April 2021, but I am putting the date of the day it happened so it is more realistic.

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