Semester 1 ends, Summer semester starts!

My journey to studying in Canada - Part 8

I finally finished my first semester at Canaway! It was not easy, but I managed to pass all my courses with a very good marks. Final exam week was the most challenging. I had to study the topics that I saw throughout the semester and take an exam of almost 3 hours for some courses.

During the weeks leading up to the exams and final assignments, I felt a lot of support from the Canaway teachers as they gave us study guides for the exams, reviewed past topics and resolved doubts.

The first semester is over (it ran from February to June), but a new one begins, the summer semester that only lasts two months, July and August. Of course, this takes into account the Canadian seasons!

In the Canadian Summer semester, I am taking only one course, Analyzing Current Economic Issues (CIA4U). In this course, we are analyzing current Canadian and international economic problems and policies. It is really interesting to explore the decisions that governments and institutions are making in response to globalization, trade agreements and public spending.

Usually, before each class, we have to do one or more readings, which we discuss in class. Teacher Marian always encourages us to share our opinion and apply the concepts learned in class to express our views and ideas. In addition, we often do research on various topics, which is helping me expand my knowledge about the impact of the economy around the world.

I am interested in the business world, so I am enjoying taking this class. I really like the idea of ​​learning about current problems related to economics and being able to exchange ideas with my classmates and my teacher. I am happy to have started this course with Canaway and to explore topics that are totally new to me.

This blog post was actually written in April 2021, but I put the date of the day it happened to be more realistic.

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