French Basic Level 5 (FSLB5)

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This course is for beginners in French and will help you improve in all modes of communication in French. You need to have at least an intermediate level of English (ESLI3) because all instructions will be provided in English.  In a sense this course provides a “Two for 1”: Practice English while learning French.

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French as a Second Language – Basic 1 is designed for students in the pre-A1 and A1 CEFR levels. This course is approximately four weeks long, comprised of 16 sessions,  and will help you improve your French language skills in all modes of communication.
You will participate in a variety of lessons and activities, including online discussions, video conferences, independent assignments, oral presentations, and more. At the end of the course, students’ learning will be evaluated and recommendations for next steps will be provided (ie. proceed to FSL B2, etc.).


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