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After a first free consulting appointment with one of our Educational Consultants, if you would like to pursue studies abroad, a second appointment is set up. This item is for paying for that second appointment. The $ 50 USD (or equivalent in local funds) is collected as a deposit that will go towards the university/college application.  If you decide not to continue after the second appointment, the deposit is forfeited.


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This item is for the second consulting appointment where we firm up your criteria and goals and work towards achieving those goals. The $ 50 USD (or equivalent in local funds) is collected as a deposit. When you are ready to apply to a given college or university, this deposit will be used as part of the application fee that those institutions charge. In some cases, through our partners, we can obtain discounts for those application fees as well! An agreement is signed to formalize our relationship. You are free to rescind the agreement at any time with a 2-week notice.  If you decide not to continue with this process, the deposit is forfeited.

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