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Testing my English level

My journey to studying in Canada - Part 4

I have never studied English in another institution apart from my school in Peru. I consider that my level is intermediate and needs improvement. I am looking forward to improving my English skills by taking courses in Canaway (which makes me feel very excited!).

In order to identify my English level and put me in the right class for me, Canaway made me take an online test. I went to an institution in Peru where there were multiple computers and students taking the same exam.

The Canaway team will contact me soon and let me know which course I have to take to prepare myself for studying at Canaway Private School in 2020. I am excited about this new challenge! I am confident that Canaway will help me improve my English skills.  Their teachers are native English speakers from Canada, so just by interacting with them, I’m sure I will be improving my English skills, and learn more about their culture!


This blog post was actually written in March 2021, but I am putting the date of the day it happened so it is more realistic.

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