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My journey to studying in Canada - Part 11

The wait after sending my applications to the universities was long and a bit stressful, to be honest. At times I felt a little worried and scared that I would not get in, but overall I remained very positive. I decided to trust myself and the work I had done. It gave me a lot of peace of mind to know that I had put a lot of effort into my essays and had worked hard to have an outstanding portfolio of extracurricular activities and academic achievements.

The first response I received was from Trent University in early December 2020. I remember that the weekend I received the response from Trent, I was traveling and had no idea that the university would respond to me in those days. I was at the hotel and suddenly I got an email saying that my application status had been updated. Automatically, I went into the email and it said “Congratulations Micaela on your offer of admission.” It was the first university that accepted me, so I was super happy and excited! They also gave me an entrance scholarship for my grades. However, I had applied for a bigger scholarship, so I was still waiting for those results! 

The second response I received was from the University of Toronto (U of T). In February 2021, I received an email from U of T saying that my admission status had been updated. Immediately, I decided to log into my portal and look for the results. When I saw that they had given me an offer of admission, I felt extremely happy! They also gave me two scholarships: The University of Toronto International Scholar Award and the President’s Scholar of Excellence at the University of Toronto Scarborough. U of T gave me a partial scholarship amounting to $135,000 for 5 years with a guaranteed job starting in my second year of studies.

In May 2021, Trent University sent me an email informing me that I had been granted the Trent International Global Citizenship Scholarship! They awarded me with a scholarship that covers the full cost of tuition for the 4 academic years. I felt really happy for the opportunity that they gave me and honored to be considered for such a great scholarship. I decided to accept their scholarship and offer of admission, and soon I will be traveling to Canada to study Business Administration at Trent University.

 Thanks to Canaway now I will be able to achieve my dream of studying in Canada. I am grateful that I took the risk and decided to go through a different path. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone too and follow your dreams. I’m not saying it is easy, because it is not, but it’s possible! Commit yourself to your goal and go get what you want. You got this!

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